13 Amazing Books I Read In 2018

I’ve read a total of 40 books in 2018. My initial goal on Goodreads was to read 50, but I had a busy year and poor time-management skills, so it’s ok.

Out of those 40, 13 books stood out for me, in the sense that I find myself thinking of them a few times a week. Nine are fiction and four are non-fiction.

I’m gonna write a few words about each of them, just know I don’t have a top so to speak, except for the books of Jon Kalman Stefansson which were my absolute favorites, so they hold a special place in my heart now.

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Secret Santa - Blogger Edition 2018

The post bellow is entirely written in Romanian and it's about a Secret Santa event I took part in, together with some awesome Romanian bloggers and instagrammers.

Onisim și Alexandra organizează de câțiva ani un proiect de Crăciun numit, Secret Santa Blogger Edition, iar la ediția aceasta (2018) Oni m-a suprins cu un mesaj pe Instagram în care m-a invitat și pe mine să iau parte la evenimentul lor. Bineînțeles, am acceptat invitația entuziasmată chiar dacă nu știam exact la ce să mă aștept și aveam doar o vagă idee despre cum funcționează un astfel de proiect.

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How To Make Your Own Christmas Decorations From Old Book Pages - DIY Tutorial

Making your own Christmas decorations from old book pages is easy and fun. It can be an activity for all family, plus it’s really cheap.

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What I Worked On: 19-25 Nov. - BTS Of A Creative Business

Anyway, here are few of the things I did this past week. Some Winter/Christmas inspired illustrations, which you can now find in my shop printed on various objects, plus some redesigns of old stuff I had there too.

Also, I added some new printable stickers to my free resource library, where monthly I add new stuff. If you’re interested, you can get access to it by subscribing to my “Notes From A Bookworm Artist” newsletter, here.

Scroll down to see all the stuff.

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12 Awesome Gift Ideas For Feminist Book Lovers

If you were looking for some beautiful gifts for someone who’s a feminist, but also a book lover, you’ve come to the right place! I put together a gift guide featuring 12 awesome products from independent makers and designers. I hope you’ll find something you like :).

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What I Worked On This Week & A Surprise: 29 Oct. - 4 Nov.

First I’ll start with the surprise. I finally put together my newsletter which I named “Notes From a Bookworm Artist”. Your subscription to it will give you access to my resource library where, for now, you can find some free printable bookish posters and stickers. More will be added to it each month. In addition, you’ll also get a 10% discount code to use in my shop :). Below you can see exactly what you’ll be getting. Once you’ll confirm your subscription, you’ll receive an email with all the information you need to put your hands on all these lovely stuff that’s waiting for you.

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What I Worked On This Week: 22-28 October - BTS Of A Creative Business

A few of the illustrations that I worked on this last week of October. I did not manage to get that much done, because I took two days off from my work on Tuesday and Friday.

My initial plans were to have the “Book Lover Autumn Essentials” print listed in my shop by Sunday evening, but now I’m gonna be late with it. I also wanted to list the products designed with the “cute little reading fox” that I painted last week (see what I’m talking about here), but of course, that didn’t go according to plan either.

The florals and books you see painted below are going to be part of a design that I had in mind for months and I’m excited to share with you more about it in the weeks to come.

And that’s about it. I’m going back to work now.

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