15 Book-Inspired Gifts for Book Loving People - Designed & Made by Women Creators

Did you ever found yourself in the position of not knowing what gift to buy for your book-loving friend? I mean, other than books. Speaking of which, you never know what book to buy, because it seems like your friend already has ALL THE BOOKS.

I know I drive my friends and family crazy when it comes to this subject. They would love to buy me books, but they’re never sure if I have a certain book or not, and then they call me to say “hey, I don’t know what gift to buy for you”, to which I say “you know, you don’t have to buy me anything, really”, and then they sigh (*clears throat* the notion of a book coupon is alien to them).

Well, don’t you worry ‘cause now I got you covered with this awesome book-themed gift guide I put together. And the best part is that ALL THESE THINGS are designed and made by women creators.


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book inspired gifts for book loving people