What I Worked On This Week: 22-28 October - BTS Of A Creative Business

A few of the illustrations that I worked on this last week of October. I did not manage to get that much done, because I took two days off from my work on Tuesday and Friday.

So on Tuesday, I went to a Haggard concert (Haggard is an internationally known ensemble from Germany which was founded in 1989; their style of music is an enchanting mixture of classical music, medieval music, and metal) and it was amaziiing! If you never listened to them you should totally give them a try, even if you don’t usually listen to this genre of music. You might be surprised!

And then on Friday, I had some errands to run in the city and I also went book shopping to my favorite local bookshop :).

My initial plans were to have the “Book Lover Autumn Essentials” print listed in my shop by Sunday evening, but now I’m gonna be late with it. I also wanted to list the products designed with the “cute little reading fox” that I painted last week (see what I’m talking about here), but of course, that didn’t go according to plan either.

The florals and books you see painted below are going to be part of a design that I had in mind for months and I’m excited to share with you more about it in the weeks to come.

And that’s about it. I’m going back to work now.

illustrations fall-15.jpg
illustrations fall-16.jpg
watercolor florals illustration
poppy and wild flowers illustration
watercolor wild florals
floral illustrations watercolor handpainted
illustrations fall-22.jpg
apartament iris.jpg